Social Media Content should be constantly updated for any growing business.  

And it doesn’t have to be as time consuming or difficult to curate as people think.  With MY PR Lab’s direction, every time you and/or your business is mentioned in the media, each of those placements is a perfect to opportunity to be showcased on your social media channels.  Additionally, any event coverage, photos or videos become ideal social strategy by tagging and hashtagging in the most impactful ways. So be proud of your TV segments, social influencer mentions and interviews in glossy magazines or newspapers.  Show your content off!


In this day and age, having a strong and strategic social media presence is not only profitable, its essential to the legitimacy of a brand.  With the guidance of MY PR Lab, clients will build a dedicated collection of “followers” and engaged community supporters.  As an extension of the brand, we will align all social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc) to have a consistent presence.  In doing so, we will entice current and potential “followers” to engage with you through the our customized approach.